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Scaling Advisory Services

Scaling Advisory Services is designed to provide the best way for your firm to deliver advisory services in a scalable and profitable way.


Regional Accounting firms all know that advisory is the way forward and they know they need to train their people, develop the systems, and know how to sell in order to make good money from it. However, firms are stuck with what it looks like and who will do it. This Grow & Scale Advisory Product provides those answers and allows all partners to be on the same page and make the right decision to move forward with.

  • Understand the consequences of both staying with the compliance model and going to the advisory model 
  • Know how to make it happen and when to start 
  • Identify who leads, who manages and who does 

This program is for those who want to grow their advisory services in a scalable way and don’t want to make fundamental mistakes while doing it.

This program is NOT for those who are not considering offering advisory services or those who don’t want to gain insight into how they could make a significant difference to their business clients. 


Premium Practice Program

A powerful program that will change your thinking about how your business model should look like thus developing you in order to lead the business to achieve its vision in half the time.

Learn how to identify what services to offer, how to structure them so team can do all the work, and that clients understand what they get and buy more from you. Covering the following important points:

  • Step by step process to transition the firm’s business operation model
  • Learn how to engage your people to scale the business and free partners time
  • Develop the 5 critical areas that unleash growth
  • Know who your real clients are - Know the real problem you’re solving for clients 
  • Understand what you will do for them - Get clear on your solution 
  • Create an Unfair Advantage - Articulate your unique value proposition 
  • Know how to get the clients you want - Have a focused client targeting process 
  • Set up the key metrics that measure real success 
  • Build the right deliver model to handle future growth and develops the firm’s expertise

This program is for accountants who want to build a Firm of Tomorrow. One where advisory services are scalable, so growth happens faster and easier, and partners have the freedom to work with clients to achieve exceptional results. A Firm of Tomorrow will achieve a 50% profitability. 

This program is NOT for those who want to stay the same or those who don’t want to gain insight into how they could make a significant difference to their business clients. 


All programs outline are for demonstration and can be fully customised for your Practice, your People, and You.

TwentySix Group

Crystallising the firm Vision

Focus on who you service 

Clearly define your service offer

Create a strategic road map

Identify growth milestone 

Making sure what you design is executed,90-day Action Plans Review, Monitor, discuss, and set next 90 days

Key Metrics Reporting to ensure what gets implemented is producing results. Monitor, analyse, & discuss the impact

Support on how to overcome stumbling blocks

Keeping the owners focused on a scalable business 

Innovation of service offerings

Pricing proposal support

Self- Driven


Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about TwentySix Group's People, Products, and Services

Accounting Professionals

"We have been working with Andrew for the last few years and we are seeing significant benefits in working with him. Our team growth is at 31% for 9 months which should be maintained even with my holiday for 6 weeks out of the next 12 weeks..."

- Garry Pinch, Business Services Director, Accounting Professionals 

DJ Smith Group

"Among other things, working with Andrew resulted in bottom line growth of 25% in 12 months and improvement of our average hourly rate by more than 20%..."

- Darren Smith, Principal, DJ Smith Group

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Andrew's Profile

Andrew is a Mentor Coach having practical experience in the implementation of the TwentySix Group service offering. 

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